Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who, really, is this cautiously masked man?

Now that many of us have concluded that Mitt Romney is a secret agent running for president,  literally giving us no more than his name, Bain rank, and serial number, I figured I would add one more facet to his protected self.  Did you know that as governor  he wouldn't let  elevators stop on the floor of his office?

Here's a memorable paragraph  from a Romney bio that I've preserved from Vanity Fair several months ago:
"You remember Richard Nixon and his imperial presidency?  Well, this was the imperial governor,"  a lawmaker told the writers.  There were the ropes that often curtailed access to Romney and his chambers.  The elevator setting restricted access to his office.  The tape on the floor told people exactly where to stand during events.  This was the controlled environment that Romney created.  His orbit was his own.  "We always would talk about how, among the legislators, he had no idea what our names were - none," the lawmaker said, "because he was so far removed from the day-to-day operations of state government.'
When Mitt screwed  up - royally - in London, to the chagrin of his supporters,  one of his aides said it was the result  of fatigue from his travels.

If so, you'd think they could have reloaded the matrix.

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