Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fringe discourse: Bring on the Armpit Committee!

We are bulling ahead in of our crusade to  create a '"House UnAmerican Armpit Committee" - HUAC for our older readers. It will be an overdue inquiry into the lunacy whose unpleasant odor is affecting everything we hold dear to civilized behavior.  In recent days alone there have been numerous occasions to subpoena the most toxic voices among us with the plaintive question once raised by  Atty. Joseph Welch, to Sen. Joe McCarthy:  "Have you no sense of decency?"

Could we not begin by summoning Rep. Allen West, Florida Republican, to explain his math that there are 80 communists in Congress?

And Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota  Republican who was reprimanded by Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, for accusing Huma Abedin, a deputy chief of staff in the State Department, of being a secret operative of the Muslim Brotherhood sneakily influencing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was a towering moment for McCain, and could demand that Bachmann  appear before HUAC to inquire about her declining mental state  these days.

And Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who assembled a few "investigators"  to review President Obama's birth certificate and now declares with forensic neglect that it is a "forgery".  Arpaio must  be asked by HUAC when did his nuttiness began emitting such foul odors that he is now the leader in the toxic armpit  birther gang.

Romney campaign soldier John Sununu accused the President  of being unlearned in the art of being an American.  (He later Etch-A-Sketched his comment but HUAC could ask him to say why  he is such a boorish dumbbell.)

The Committee could summon Rush Limbaugh, but it would be a still greater diversion if we waited until the circus comes to town.

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David Hess said...

I, too, have been waiting, in vain it seems, for West to nail his list of congressional "communists" on a courthouse wall, presumably in such a venue as Salem, MA. I'd also expect, that should he do so, he provide a specific bill of impeachment so that we can weigh his evidence carefully. Am I being too expectant to hope for this to happen?
As for Bachmann and her band of slanderous confederates, she should be glad to know that her delusional taunts are protected by congressional immunity from being sued for defamation.
Czar Arpaio, who fancies himself a law unto himself, reminds me of "Fatso," the Army stockade supervisor in "From Here to Eternity," who as one should recall became a victim of his own brutal justice. True justice might require that he serve a stretch in his own concentration camps in Arizona.