Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Romney: Professor backwards, sideways and forward

Funny how older news keeps turning up as newer news in a presidential campaign.  I refer to a report on Mitt Romney's  somersaults over abortion that was wickedly documented in a report by William Saletan  first published in Slate Magazine on  Feb.22. It's not that we weren't aware that Romney had a revolving  position on abortion for every occasion.  Rather, Saletan tracked it for 20 years with video clips that showed up on Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC program last night - a startling indictment of a candidate who manuevered through  campaigns for governor, the U.S. Senate and now his second presidential effort.  With so much on film it will be difficult for anyone to give him the benefit of the doubt today that he is what he says  he is on abortion, whatever that is.

Here's how Saletan summarizes his investigative report that you can read on-line:

"When you see the story in its full context, three things become clear.  First, this was no flip-flop.  Romney is a man with many facets, groping his way through a series of fluid positions on an array of difficult issues.  His journey isn't complete.  It never will be.  Second, for  Romney, abortion was never really a policy question.  He didn't want to change the law.  What he wanted to change was his identity. And third, the malleability of Romney's core is as much about his past as about his future.  Again and again, he struggled to make sense not just of what he should do, but of who he has been.  The problem with Romney isn't that he keeps changing  his mind.  The problem is that he keeps changing his story."

As I mentioned at the start , there can be no denial that he's been all over the lot on abortion.    It's all on video and audio, folks.  In his voice.


JLM said...

Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush also flipped flopped on abortion in their bids for the White House. It's a GOP thing.

Anonymous said...

Romney has a knack for flip flopping. He just came out in support and against the Afghanistan withdrawal within two sentences of each statement against and for.

David Hess said...

Who was it once remarked that "consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds"? Inconsistency, then, must be the hallmark of genius. It appears also that it is the servant of unbridled ambition. Even more, it is symptomatic of rootless principles. Small wonder that many hidebound conservatives find Mitt to be a bit slippery. In Mitt's case, voters are being asked, in common language, to buy a pig in a poke. So it's no wonder his campaign has been so bereft of details about how he's going to balance the budget and shrink the national debt without new revenues and without cutting defense spending. Even if the entire non-defense portion of the federal budget were canceled, simple arithmetic tells us that wouldn't do the trick. We are dealing here with a candidate for President who will say anything, anytime to pander to his audience du jour -- and hope that voters en masse will bask in amnesia over anything he might have said or done in the past.