Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mitt in Israel: Allies, but not in Heaven


"Romney will also give a public speech while in Jerusalem - his first such engagement thus far during his foreign trip - that is expected to be heavy on praise for America's most important ally in the Middle East, with whom Romney has repeatedly called for the U.S.  to 'lock arms' on the international stage."

We wonder whether Mitt, a man of deep religious convictions, will also remind  the Israelis of the basic Christian tenet that Jews cannot  enter Heaven unless they convert.  


David Hess said...

Mitt should have no trouble with the concept of converting, since he has plenty of instances of converting his positions on a raft of public policy issues. Health care, abortion, immigration, to name a few.

Henry said...

A report from Andy Borowitz also tells us that he congratulated the Israelis' on the great job they did building the Pyramids.

Henry said...

Oh yes, Andy B. also reported that Mitt brought Netanyahu a spiral cut ham as a gift.