Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Higgs Boson: Now for a down-to-earth inquiry

AS WE ALL -  at least  some of us - awaited the official word on the discovery of the so-called God particle,  the long pursuit of the universe's missing link reminded us that science never gives up on adding one more clue in defining what we and the mysterious universe might be all about.  I'm hardly qualified as a layman to go beyond  the surface of the reports that the $10 billion  experiment by countless scientists aided by the highest tech available are  99.99 pct. sure of the presence of the  Higgs boson - the other name for the elusive particle that is said to be the first expression of spatial birth.

Some will say, why bother when there is so much need on the tiny particle called earth?  Yet that has never been the case with serious  human inquiry.  Galileo would know better than I how to answer that.  Or the Curies or Edisons.   Still, they should now explain a recent Kaiser public opinion poll that told us how much farther we have to go to overcome the indifference of so many people to things they ought to know without  the aid of supercolliders and commitment to scientific inquiry.  The survey flat out reported that 41 pct. of  those surveyed weren't even aware that the U.S. Supreme Court had just handed down an historic ruling on health care!

Folks, help me.  Take  it from here.


Jack said...

I hope the Catholics Celebrate the discovery of the Higgs. Without it they couldn't have mass.

Jack said...

The Higgs was an elusive Mama
Rarer than the birth cert of Obama
Don't think me too crass
Galileo went to Mass
But this is the best news of the Summa.

David Hess said...

One can only hope that those are the 41 pct. of Americans who normally don't bother to vote.