Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rushbo: A Steel Pier special attraction

WHEN I SEE Rush Limbaugh  hysterically vibrating in a video clip on some news show it occurs to me that here is a man in the final  stages of dissipated human behavior.  A side show spectacle, really.  He screams. He bounces. He pounds his desk.  He slurs. He is fully out of control, which leads him to froth  that President Obama  has a world class ego for mentioning his own children in an expression of sympathy for the Aurora shooting vicitims.

 What the hell is that all about, Rushbo?

He would have been a perfect fit for the special bizarre attrractions at the old Steel Pier in
Atlantic City where one could be awed by a headless lady who appeared to be fully aware of questions by responding through tubes that curved  like a bunch of sink faucets plugged into the top of  her neck.
It was awesome to a youngster - and probably to the adults who believed it was all for real. (Modern Dittoheads in Rushspeak.)

Rushbo could have been a roly-poly man bouncing high on a trampoline with an apple lodged between his lips.

Is it fair to ask whether we have a deranged man in our media midst?  Yes, it is fair.

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David Hess said...

History, alas, is replete with slavering demagogues, from ancient Greece and Rome unto modern times. In most cases, they sow their own seeds of discredit or destruction. They tend to become grotesque caricatures of themselves and are laughed out of relevance.