Friday, July 27, 2012

Innocent abroad - or another ugly American?

Not since the colonists dumped the tea overboard in Boston Harbor have the Brits been so offended by  an American political act.  We refer, of course, to the outrage expressed by Prime Minister David Cameron and others on  down in booming headlines  over Mitt Romney's suspicion that our Anglo-Saxon friends might not be up to staging a successful Olympics.

Wasn't Romney the one boastfully slamming President Obama for hurting our international relations  like a raw kid at the rear of the class?  Meantime, we'll never know the details of Mitt's own stewardship of the 2002 Winter Olympics back home because somehow all of the records  have been destroyed..

Way  to go, Willard!   Time to get out of the islands  before they send in the Redcoats.  The country knows Churchillian prose - and you're no Winnie.

P.S.  If you had trouble remembering the name of labor party leader Ed Miliband as he stood aside you, take a cue from Sister Palin: Next time, write it on the palm of your hand.


Anonymous said...

Of course, Fox News went into full defense mode for Team Romney arguing that the British should not be hard on Mitt because he could be the next president.

David Hess said...

Mitt might be well-advised to audition for re-makes of Peter Sellers' misadventures as Inspector Clouseau.