Saturday, July 21, 2012

From our people to you, Ann Romney

OK, Ann Romney.  That's it.  No more Mr. Nice Guy from me ignoring your silent-partner role in your husband's mystical presidential campaign.  You've referred to our people as "you people".  That's more than we can take.  You went on TV and told an inquiring reporter - one of us! -
"We've given  you all [that] you people  need to know and understand about our financial situation  and about how we live our life..."
Not so fast, Ann Romney.  Need I remind you that even people who don't take big tax deductions for such  diversions as dressage are  also people, some of whom  once owned hobby horses without taking a modest tax write-off?

That's how we lived our lives.  That's how we live our lives today and we don't care who knows it.

It's all over with us, Ann Romney,  so long as you people dodge everyday questions that people with their heart set on the Oval Office  should answer.

So here's the deal, Ann Romney:  Our people WILL NOT EAT CAKE.

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