Thursday, July 19, 2012

What's that? Cuyahoga Falls getting Federal money?

There are some painful things in politics that are clearly unavoidable.  That's true about the federal money that is arriving in the coffers in Cuyahoga Falls, a city  whose Republican Mayor Robart recently  bestowed the highest honor on Tea Party fiscal conservatism.  In this instance (certainly not the first for such federal- to- city transactions in the Falls), the mayor reported a grant of $489,704 from the  Federal Emergency  Management Agency (FEMA) to increase the size of the firefighter staff. Right. FEDERAL money right here in River City, folks. Actually the money was originally announced by Sen. Sherrod Brown, a liberal Democrat.  We're happy for the firefighters, even if the grant didn't fit Robart's Republican brand.


JLM said...

Boy, oh, boy, some things never change. Don always has his lily white palm out to receive federal money, but shows up at Tea Partier functions and pronounces them the true Americans. God, what a hypocrite.

This means there will be more damnable unionized public workers in Cuyahoga Falls sucking the taxpayers dry.Perhaps the fellow who lives a couple streets down from me with the "Tea Party Patriot" sign in his front yard should call Dick Armey if his house catches fire.

Grumpy Abe said...

Hey,JLM: Why am I not surprised that the Mayor's contradictory positions caught your attention? It's not the first time a Republican who opposed a Federal project took a bow when it became a reality. But shouldn't Robart be a special case as the mayor who described Tea Partiers at a rally as the "moral and fiscal conscience of America."? I doubt that he will make a special effort to thank Sherrod Brown.

David Hess said...

If he's a True Believer, won't it be incumbent upon Hizzoner to send the money back? He could explain that he doesn't need it, since he intends to ask for a local tax increase to augment the firefighting (read that, "public safety") force.