Sunday, July 1, 2012

Glenn Beck et al: The GOP landfill will soon overflow


When too many Americans  are fighting fires or watching their homes flooded  away, Glenn  Beck, a tee-shirt capitalist,  is busy trying to make one more buck.  He has eagerly  jumped into the onslaught against Chief Justice John Roberts with this tee-shirt that he is offering for a cool $30! You have to feel sorry for Beck.  When people don't know that they are a bizarre blip on the radar screen, how can you accuse them of being crazy?   Oh, hell.   I'll still call him crazy.  I haven't  been near one of those shirts, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were all made in China. What about it, Glenn?

* * * * *

Have you seen the campaign commercial that Republican Josh Mandel is running on the Internet?  It's titled "Boots"  and is carefully  on message that begins with an unidentifed soldier  lacing up combat boots and is followed by battleground footage of Marines in the midst of combat.  Don't know whether Josh is in any of the films but the message is clear since he paid for it to convince voters that he is rough, tough and ready to take on all challenges if his senate campaign against Sen. Sherrod Brown succeeds.  I always  thought that George Bush's carefully staged  landing on an aircraft carrier to declare "mission accomplished" would stand  forever as overarching political stagecraft.  However,  Mandel, the 34-yuear-old whiz kid, obviously is never going to let anybody forget that he was a Marine. Somebody should tell him that politicizing military service  solely for personal gain (campaign fund-raising)  only cheapens the true image of  Marine Corps valor.    As I once mentioned , John Glenn was a marine, and I would remind you again that Josh is no John Glenn.

* * * * *

Finally, I will again ask why the Summit County Republican Party continues to post on its home page  an attack on a Democrat for hiring a relative when the "outraged" GOP's  local party boss, Alex Arshinkoff,  has three members of his family working in politically-appointed jobs, as I noted in an earlier post.

Some would call it a "scandal of Biblical proportions".  But it ain't smart.  Or maybe the local GOP leader relies on an explanation that Malcolm Forbes Jr. atttributed to his daddy:  "There's nothing wrong with nepotism so long as you keep it in the family."


Anonymous said...

But, but, but Alex and his supporters will come up with some lame excuse why it is acceptable for him his family members to milk taxpayers and not others. Nobody loves government more than Alex Arshinkoff. If it weren't for government, what would this guy be able to do?

JLM said...

Beck is crazy? Crazy like a fox. He is one ambitious piece of shit who has found an audience of idiots who are more than willing to follow him to the end and buy (literally) into the load of crap he is selling.

Selling being the operative word.

As for Boychick Mandel, the "War Hero" shtick was apparent as their main campaign thrust from the beginning. As I've said before- they sure can't use his record as Treasurer.

And Arshinkoff? Any corrupt action being leveled at The Ultimate Political Scumbag would not be unexpected or beyond belief.