Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sununu on how to become an American

 Former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, George HW  Bush's chief of staff and a Romney surrogate, says he wishes  President Obama would "learn how to be an American."

Nobody could pass on more helpful advice than Sununu who, as chief of staff,  flew around  the country in corporate jets, some owned  by military contractors,  to meet his schedule of personal appearances.  He was full of wisdom about how Obama ought to learn the ways of entrepreneurs.

  He also  picked up on addict Rush Limbaugh's deranged rant the night before that Obama was a doper in grade school.  According to Sununu,  nobody should be surprised  that "because he spent his early years in Hawaii smoking something,  spent...another set of years in Indonesia.

Sununu ought to learn how to complete a thought.

UPDATE:  Sununu  said he "misspoke" about Obama's American credentials and apologized.  Why don't these so-called political veterans get it right the first time?


PJJinOregon said...

If they got it right the first time, they wouldn't be veteran politicians - they would have chosen a meaningful and satisfying career.

Grumpy Abe said...

In the world of Mittspeak, you're not even right the second time.

JLM said...

73 rmcreasSununu "apologized" then returned to the same deranged chant the next day when on friendly turf at FoxNews.

I found Sununu's methods and personality distasteful back when he was Poppy's Chief of Staff. Not surprising to see he hasn't changed.

Anonymous said...

This statement is hilarious coming the same day Sheriff Joe says Obama's birth certificate is a fake fake fake! Corsi and Farah are ready to roll in dough from their conspiracy filled books. That same time machine used by the illuminati in 1993 to give us the usurper Obama was used by the Obama campaign to create a movie villain called Bane to use against Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign according to El Rushbo. Let the hilarity ensue.

David Hess said...

Another example of how the Obama-haters continue to try to protray him as some kind of alien interloper. It is undisguised character assassination that has done little so far to sway the majority of polled Americans who continue to say he's a likeable fellow. The efforts to denigrate him personally appear only to reinforce the bias that ultra right-wingers hold for people who don't resemble them. They don't intend to vote for him anyway, so there is unlikely to be any net loss as a result of their calumnies at the polls in November.