Monday, July 2, 2012

boehner's words on gas prices: A pain is a pain


At the barber shop this morning, where you can hear a lot of things, I learned that the price of gas had dropped to $3.14 at the Medina County town of Wadsworth.  The messenger did not mention President Obama as the guy responsible for the price decline. Of course, he wouldn't deserve any praise in the matter.  Presidents have no role in the rise or fall of oil prices.   On the other hand, weren't there a lot of Republican critics out there accusing him of being an enemy of the people for driving up gas prices at the pump?

The current Economist Magazine reminded me of something that House Speaker John Boehner said when experts warned us the price  could reach $4.50 by July.  Sayeth the Grim Speaker in early April:  
"The President holds the key to addressing the the gas pump.  My question for the president is:  What are you waiting for?"
I should tell you that one way to reduce America's pain is to retire Boehner.  John:  What are you waiting for?


JLM said...

The Boner also blames President Obama for the economy and the national deficit which, in reality, he inherited from 8 years of Dubya.

David Hess said...

AS for the contrast between Boehner and Obama on gasoline prices, Obama -- not yet, at least -- hasn't tried to take credit for the drop in prices. Unlike Boehner, the president appears to understand that global, not domestic U.S., supply and demand is the chief factor in controlling petroleum prices.