Sunday, July 15, 2012

A couple of old hawks - in less discreet times

In our laudable effort to say something rude about McMitt Romney, we followed the  press reports of his recent journey to Wyoming, his buddy Dick Cheney's home state,  for a fund-raiser at the former veep's private elderhostel - a thick-walleted Country Club.

It  was good for $1million, we were told, reminding me once again that there are still folks out there who find Cheney irresistibly credible even though he was on the elite first team of Dubya Hawks that led us into the disastrous Iraq invasion, which he insisted would be a very brief conflict..

"It was the right thing," he has boasted.  Do you think there are Gold Star mothers who might disagree?

But Romney is forever impressed by the guy with the cryptic Mona Lisa smile.  "He's the kind of guy I would like to have,  " Romney said when asked of his choices in his administration. He also described him as a "person of wisdom and judgment."    But considering  Cheney's soaring disapproval rating in national polls, there aren't many around who might nod in approval.

That explains why no media photographers were permitted to capture the  two together at the fund-raiser - a version of photo-stopping instead of photo-shopping. It was sort of a case of taking the money and running.

Oh, the picture above was taken in better days when they didn't  mind being seen with each other.  Funny how such photos can't ever be etch-a-sketched away.

* * * * *

By the way, McMitt's demands that President Obama apologize to him is like blaming the bank for bouncing your bad check.


David hess said...

Happily, there were no bird-hunting expeditions during the fund-raiser; otherwise, the GOP might have had to find a substitute (say, Rick Santorum) to replace Mitt who could've been felled by an errant Cheney aim.

JLM said...

Laughed aloud when I read of the "no photos" mandate. Standard weasely GOP tactics.