Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Mitt going 3 for 3 to earn hockey's hat trick?

Mitt Romney's travelogue to three overseas cities was intended to demonstrate his keen understanding of foreign policy among friends - in contrast to that ill-suited president in the White House from Chicago or wherever.

So he began by insulting the Brits while in London and then following up by pouring gasoline on the Palestinians with insensitive remarks at a fund-raiser in Jerusalem that included the Midas-like casino owner Sheldon Adelson.  It may have played well  as his Jewish breakfast hosts reached for their wallets, but it was a translated as "racist" and "offensive" by a  senior aide to President  Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority.   How's that for well-considered diplomatic moves to bring the
 two sides together in the smoldering region? Pandering that trumps diplomacy?

As Romney arrived in Poland, we awaited  his comment that he can see two kielbasa shops from  his front porch. Once  upon a time, a contemporary historian reflecting on Pope Leo X's love of the arts, observed that he would have made a "perfect pope if he had even the slightest knowledge of religion."

Is that what would accompany Mitt 's "diplomacy" to the Oval Office?

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