Monday, March 12, 2012

When Republicans rocket to new jobs, etc.

SCANNING THE PAPERS for soggy guidance from worldly philosophers this morning we were impressed by the treasures one discovers, and it doesn't cost that much.

Today, there was a report in the Beacon Journal with state Rep. Lynn Slaby telling us that the Republican state representative , at 73, is "ready to tackle new career." Well,, maybe not that ready for his new $119,000 job as a member of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. As he put it, he doesn't know much about utility operations but assured us that he is fascinated by the challenge. I'll bet.

We learned that (1) Slaby was not "enamored" of his House seat to which he was elected last year. The BJ quoted him as saying, "I wasn't ready to retire and not sure the fit is right for me in the House." (He was age-limited out of his judgeship on the Ninth District Court of Appeals in 2009.) (2) His wife, Marilyn, 72, a former state lawmaker who was defeated at the polls, is interested in returning to the seat that hubby is vacating. Oh, I see.

* * * * *

Then , there was this whopper in the Plain Dealer via PolitiFact Ohio: In a recent appearance in Cleveland, McMitt Romney accused President Obama of never once - not once! - mentioning deficit or debt in his State of the Union address. The fact checkers, however, counted at least six references to debt and deficit, which means that Romney will not include PolitiFact on the long list of things he loves. Poor McMitt. He should be living in ancient Greece, when the gods changed human beings into any figure that served the needs - a bull, a swan, a river, a tree, whatever. Now, it's simply McMitt being McMitt.

* * * * *

For all of this, we must still give a belated Grumpy Abe Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) Award to National GOP Chairman Reince Priebus, who, in a desperate strike against some good economic news showing an increase of 225,000 jobs, hissed :
"Today's jobs report is yet another reminder that far too many Americans are out of work, and the situation is clearly not improving."
We know how it could be made better by eliminating one job at National Republican headquarters.


Anonymous said...

The Slaby stuff is funny and ad at the same time. Lynn Slaby went from being a good prosecutor, to a lousy judge, to a lazy state rep. Now he'll get $116,000 ON TOP of the public retirement that he's collecting. Double dipping at its finest.

Marylin Slaby will return the House seat that she was literally laughed out of. Go to Ohio Government TV and search her name for floor speech in the House archives. It's her one speech and she gets stumped by a question. Two full minutes of silence, interrupted by laughter.

Her campaign performance wasn't much better. She was so lacking in knowledge and so utterly hopeless that the GOP actually banned her from interviews, meetings, debates, forums, even going door to door. That's how inept she is.

And these guys are the long termers in Arshinkoff's stable of "talent." BAW HA HA HA HA!

David Hess said...

Alas, the first victim of any political campaigning is the truth. Speaking of which, the other day I was tuned into NPR as a radio reporter was asking a few voters about whom they intended to support in the autumn presidential election. One, a presumably well-educated nurse, replied that she could never vote for a "Muslim" like Obama since America is a Christian nation.The truth, of course, is that Obama is a practicing Christian. Another interviewee, a middle-aged man who presumably graduated from high school, "informed" the reporter that Obama should never have been elected president to begin with because his father was a "foreign" born African and the U.S. Constitution says that a candidate for president must have native-born parents. Actually, my high school civics class taught me that one need only be 35 years old and born in the USA him- or herself to sit as president. I know that readers might view as elitist such wonderment about the ignorance of some voters. But SOMEONE needs to point out the facts.

Grumpy Abe said...

David, such ignorance reinforced by repeated lies by the right-wingers, is the chief reason why Obama is not ahead by 20 points. Oh, I also forgot racism. I could ask the GOP: Is that all you've got? But I already know the answer,