Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Romney/Dubya: Can 't duck the duck

AS I WATCH MCMITT ROMNEY on his presumed victory lap in the Republican primaries, I have a nagging feeling that I've seen this fellow before. For 8 years. George W. Bush, who is now living in seclusion from his party.

The similarities are...well, see for yourself:

Both, propped up by the GOP establishment. Both, wealthy scions of wealthy daddies. Both, troubled by incoherence. Both, robotic. Both, hawkish. Both, white- collar-and- tie stiffs (except when they want to be regular guys in jeans, either down on the ranch or before a crowd of regular people).

No? I demur, preferring the principle that if you walk like the other duck, talk like the other duck...Well, you know how that goes.

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JLM said...

Very observant point, Abe.