Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dittoheads, pinheads and scorned women

"The climax of all evils is when a man rooted in some false opinion grows fatally persuaded that his course is right." - Petrarch

How prescient of the great 14th Century Italian poet and humanist to define someone we all know today, say, Rush Limbaugh. Or Bill O'Reilly? Or Sean Hannity? Limbaugh is not inclined to rise for a moment from his spasmotic derangement. He's been at it again slamming two women journalists with glee for no other reason than to convince his dittoheads that he's da Man. It has reached the point of monstrous random slander, which is his only strong point that is apparent to me.

Meanwhile the Republican leadership(?) and first-row candidates are still cowering in their bubble to escape any mention of Rushbo. On another front,however, they are baring their chests to annihilate Iran. Romney, Gingrich and Santorum all have been on the stump mindlessly huffing and puffling about Iran while characterizing President Obama as the weenie in the room. (Are we having any fun over their war games yet?)

Unsurprisingly, their hawkishness belies their own interest in military service. None has worn a uniform, thanks to various deferments in times of need. That takes us back to a previous administration when George Bush and Dick Cheney found a way to dodge the draft while serving as the biggest bullies in their playground. (In fairness, Bush did land on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit.) In fact, Romney explained four years ago why none of his five sons had been in the military: They were needed in his 2008 campaign. This fellow never gets it.

* * * *
Ohio State Rep. Nina Turner's remedy for vaginally fixated lawmakers has widely resonated with other women and could produce a growth industry in helping overreaching males in the controversy over birth control. In Illinois and Virginia women legislators are playfully hastening to help the guys subjected to medical or psychological assistance since their health might be at risk by taking sexual stimulants. One proposed law calls for rectal examinations; another mandate seeks treatment for "persistant erections". My opposite-sex spouse likes the idea of "sperm limits". It's never been truer about the fury ignited in scorned women than by the current Dark Age (Plutarch's term) male wannabe gynecologists.


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the Beacon Journal has ignored the story the Columbus Dispatch broke today about Alex Arshinkoff embarrassing John Kasich and likely triggering an FBI investigation.

Honestly, it's as if the ABJ and Stephanie Warsmith have become Alex's personal biographers.

David Hess said...

Like his fellow demagogues, Limbaugh has never let the facts sidetrack his train of slanders. I am further astounded by the war drums beating so mindlessly from those who've never sniffed the gunpowder and gore of a battlefield, nor delivered the news of fallen sons and husbands to the thresholds of mothers and wives. These are the same blusterers who are quite willing to spend countless billions on unnecessary wars with borrowed money to cover the costs, while at the same time decrying the growth of the national debt and deficit spending. And then calling for Draconian cuts for social services to the poor who furnish a disproportionately high number of their sons and husbands to serve as cannon fodder in those conflicts.