Friday, March 30, 2012

The anti-science conservatives increase in number

YOU REALLY DON'T have to be a rocket scientist nor a neurosurgeon to know why political conservatives are assailing global warming as a phony threat to civilization. The opponents are down on science despite scientific research that tells us the planet is getting warmer, ice caps are thawing and ocean levels are rising. We see some of these changes with our own eyes.

Not good enough , say those people who are in denial against the warm warriors. Why? Because scientists are behind the crazy notion and who can entrust scientists to know anything about anything, for God's sake. Against evidence to the contrary, these same naysayers insisted that a curve ball doesn't...well, curve, because they were never asked to hit one. Or maybe they heard a damning reference to it on Fox News. Or from their preacher. Or Republican county chairman.

A study published in American Sociological Review, which reached me via Slate Magazine, confirms that opposition to science is rising dramatically among conservatives. Sociologist Gordon Gauchat of the University of North Carolina, who led the study, reports that only 35 pct. of conservatives have a "great deal" of trust in science, well below the 63 pct. who trusted it in the mid-1970s.

His explanation in U.S. News:
"Science has become autonomous with government - it develops knowledge that helps regulate policy, and in the case of the EPA, it develops policy. Science is charged with what religion used to be charged with - answering questions about who we are and what we came from, what the world is about. We're using it in American society to weigh in on political debates, and people are coming down on a specific side."
In other words, conservatives like McRick Santorum and his legions of conservative supporters are telling us that you can't believe both science and religion. A fellow named
Galileo could have vouched for something like that.


JLM said...

A denial of global warming should come as no surprise from the same crowd who, by non-recognition, deny evolution.

And they want to run the country.

PJJinOregon said...

Perhaps 2012 will be labeled as "The Year the Dark Ages Returned." Could it happen that SCOTUS and Opus Dei will merge? Or have they already and I somehow missed it. Maybe McMitt will chose Sanctorum for VP and seal the deal.

David Hess said...

One more example of how the mix of ideology and religious fundamentalism produces a brew of self-imposed ignorance that leads the adherents to deny what they don't want to hear. Their minds are made up and "that's that. Don't confuse me with the facts as I see them!" It's the flat-earth syndrome reborn. The problem is, we keep electing enough of them to public office to prevent the formulation of intelligent public policy to meet the serious crises that will face us as the atmosphere continues to warm.