Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new campaign against teleprompters?

Well, Mitt Romney's Southern Strategy of y'alls' and grits didn't work, not with a Republican electorate that comprised more than 80 pct. white evangelicals in Alabama and Mississippi. So if he gets anywhere near Chicago for the Illinois primary, he would be smart not to rely on pierogies to rescue his campaign. And don't bet $10,000 that the Cubs will win the pennant this year!

Meantime, I see his nemesis, Msgr. Rick Santorum, has set aside his assault on sexual transgressions to bring up another target to make illegal. Teleprompters. He says teleprompters are inauthentic for presidential candidates because somebody else wrote the words. For him, every speech must be full of unscripted passion all the way down to his groin. Let's hope that the sun will rise tomorrow.

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David Hess said...

Santorum's scorn of teleprompters could be Obama's secret weapon, in light of the monsignor's verbal gaffes. On the other hand, the monsignor might actually be writing those gaffes in advance of his remarks and committing them to memory.