Monday, March 5, 2012

Kasich says no, then yes, or maybe, to FEMA

HOORAY FOR GOV KASICH! He decided to call for Federal aid after rejecting it for the victims of a tornado devastated swath in southwestern Ohio. For two days, we thought he was going to solve the deadly problem by sending umbrellas and pitchforks to the stricken area. During that crucial post-tornado period, the governor assured us that the state was perfectly capable of handling the desperate situation without having the Federal Emergency Management Agency move in. But now he says he only wants FEMA to "assess" the damage before his final approval. At the same time Kasich's aide Rob Nichols softened the governor's first position by saying he never ruled out asking for FEMA help in the first place. He just wanted to assess the crises himself . So now after several days of the governor's critical delay, I will flip-flop. No hooray for Gov. Kasich.

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David Hess said...

One more instance of hare-brained ideology triumphing over the vital interests of common folks in desperate need of governmental "meddling." I'm certain the Tea Party stands ready now to award the benighted governor a gold star for thumbing his nose at the federal government. Too bad the victims of this natural disaster have to suffer for it.