Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post Super Tuesday withdrawal symptoms

AS THE WOEBEGONE 2012 CLASS OF Republican Warriors stumbled across the Super Tuesday finish line, we continued to be told that our freedom was at stake in the hands of,
President Obama. It wasn't one of those Bartlett Quotations liberty-or-death Patrick Henry warnings - the 2012 Class's rhetoric isn't that profound. In the modern world, freedom is the buzz word for Obamacare and at some point Mitt Romney - if he is the nominee - will have to go lectern to lectern with Barack on national TV to offer the second line to his argument of why his Massachusetts health-care plan is so much different than the current plan.

Rick Santorum, when he wasn't preparing everyone for a secure path to the heavenly gates, also believes we are all the President's prisoners. Referring to the wide curse of government health care, he told a Steubenville audience as much, declaring: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of the end of freedom. Once the government has control of your life, they've got you."

Meanwhile. here are some footnotes that didn't make it to the front page:

(1)When Romney carried Summit County, it reminded us of the straw poll - ballyhooed as the largest in the state, for God's sake - taken at the GOP Lincoln Day Dinner here where Santorum was the supernova speaker. The honored guest won that one with 74 pct. of the vote. We still wonder why the local party made such a fuss over Santorum, but these days we wonder about a lot of things. But it is true that Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine is getting his 15 minutes of national attention for tagging along with Santorum.

(2)Just when you thought the Obama haters couldn't burrow more deeply into the muck, a federal judge in Montana emailed a purported joke that suggested Obama was the child of a mother impregnated by a dog. The state's chief federal judge!!! Responding to calls for his resignation, Judge Richard Cebull, conceded that the joke was racist, but said he only sent it to others because he was "anti-Obama."

(3Down in Laurens County, S. Car, the county GOP has set up new critreria for a candidate to appear on the primary ballot., Candidates will have to swear that they never had pre-marital sex and will never again look at pornographic stuff. The party had first asked the candidates to sign a pledge - signed pledges are quite fashionable in the Republican pure-at-heart schemes these days - but backed off because it might have had legal problems.

I particularly like this part of the requirement: You must be faithful to your wife, cannot marry anyone of the same gender nor support same-sex civil unions. The candidates will be screened for moral purity by a three-member committee. Clearly, this would have been a serious problem for ex-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who had an adulterous fling with a mistress in Argentina while explaining his absences as hikes on the Appalachian Trail. You might have heard, he will have no such morality problems with Fox News, which just signed him to be a political analyst.

(4)And finally, Fox's Chris Wallace has told us that Fox's health insurance plan indeed covers contraceptives. But didn't Bill Reilly, who once resolved a sex harassment suit with a big out-of-court financial settlement, rant that the entire Sandra Fluke uproar was in fact nothing more than a Democratic plot? He said what?! ? You bet he did.


Anonymous said...

I don't get how Santo is worried that the Affordable Care Act will give govt control of our lives and still think he has the right to control my uterus. OK my daughter's uterus. Mine these days is just a decoration.

Anonymous said...

The County GOP in Laurens County looks to have some Taliban members by the looks of the platform and pledge requirements.

I am assuming that Alex has been lurkig in the background and letting Bryan Williams beat the Santorum drum is that if Santorum lost he wouldn't take the blame.

Grumpy Abe said...

Williams is becoming the more visible Republlicanista if and when Alex decides to step down. Onward and sideward!

JLM said...

Now that the dust has settled, Mittens beats Little Ricky by a measly one percent. And speaking of percentages, I heard on Akron NewsRadio that only eight percent of registered Republican voters showed up at the polls.

They're really wound up about this election, aren't they?

I can't, for the life of me, see what the problem is.

Marv Katz said...

It wouldn't only have been former Gov. Mark Sanford who would have had a problem had the Laurens County, S.C., requirements been put in place earlier (and not been declared illegal by the state GOP. The Newtster couldn't have gotten on the ballot, either. They'd have had at least a trifecta of reasons for denying him a spot.

David Hess said...

And to think that the General election is still to come! How stupid will it get? These moronic utterances from the lineup of propagandists at Fox News is to be expected. But a federal judge? Are we, as a people with the obligation to sustain the oldest democratic republic in history, going to swallow this idiotic blather? It's one thing to conduct a principled disagreement with the policies of a political leader, quite another to engage in fantastical and blistering personal attacks and character assassination with no basis in truth. This is the rhetoric of banana republics, not of a modern society.