Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nina Turner's perfect antidote for impotent men

WE RECENTLY WROTE about Aristophanes' solution to warring men: Lysistrata, the title character of his classic play, assembled a group of other Greek women to declare that they would deny sex to their husbands until the guys stopped fighting wars. Now that modern men are preoccupied with new laws to rule over vaginas, State Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland has smartly channeled the issue solely into the men's private domain. She has introduced a bill in the Ohio legislature that will require men to prove that they have erectile dysfunction for physical and not only psychological reasons.

How would that work? She wants cardiac stress tests, analysis by sex therapists and any other means to determine whether the guy gets a prescription for sex-enhancing drugs like Viagra.

In a sly put-down of meddling male lawmakers, Turner told a reporter:

"We want to make sure that men, vulnerable, fragile men, who are not capable of making decisions for themselves, understand all of the side effects and the implications of these types of drugs."

And in a release, she mischievously explained: "The men in our lives, including members of the General Assembly, generously devote time to fundamental female reproductive issues - the least we can do is return the favor."

That seems fair enough, right men? Oh? You don't think so? Should I warn you that Lysistrata's wicked response to hawkish men worked?

Misogynists, you have a problem - and it's not limited to erectile dysfunction.


JLM said...

Good! Double good for Sen. Turner! I've known men, men much younger than I, who use E.D. meds as some sort of aphrodisiac; a super stud pill. If women's reproductive rights are being questioned and curtailed-what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

David Hess said...

Were I a member of the General Assembly, I'd offer an amendment to Turner's bill, requiring men to undergo an intra-penile ultrasound as a prerequisite for a prescription for Viagra or other "enhancement" drug.

Anonymous said...

Lucky me I'm not from Cleveland. We all know man have kind of self need that an enhancing pill could give to us. Don't dictate what a man should do or wouldn't do coz physical and psychologically.

Let us see if this really work for most of her citizens.

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