Saturday, March 10, 2012

When the past is present in politics

THE CACOPHANY from right-wing Republicans has developed into the endless pre-concert orchestra tuning rather than the actual overture itself. So we must put up with the silly attacks on President Obama for gas prices by the very same fools who have forgotten their own words in 2008 when gas prices under a Republican president had jumped beyond $4!

Two of the Fox hounds among many, Bill O'Reilly and Cal Thomas, were rather adamant in those not-so-ancient days in offering cover for President Bush and GOP presidential candidate, John McCain. Virtually in unison they chanted: A president cannot raise the price the gas nor lower it!

I'll be happy to repeat that startling thought if it didn't sink in the first time. The TV film clips are all that are needed for verification of one of the current political season's extraordinary examples of undiluted propaganda by talkers whose guardian angels have long fled to saner quarters.

Or, I can share Oscar Wilde's snappy wisdom: "No man is rich enough to buy back his past." Cool.

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