Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for IQ tests for lawmakers in the abortion debate

HARDLY A DAY passes that some Republican politician doesn't come up with a new way to oppose abortion. There's even a move in Tennessee that could force a physician to disclose the name of a woman seeking an abortion. Hundreds of bills are floating around state legislatures with one goal in mind: stop abortion with whatever law that it takes while the GOP controls all of those legislative bodies, aided and abetted by Christian conservatives. It is a national obsession that has risen to the top of the charts in many states, and not the least targets of its sweep is the health care reform act and Planned parenthood.

Some counter measures have been satirically proposed, including Ohio Sen. Nina Turner's plan to have men who want Viagra to prove that they are impotent and have sought sex therapy. I have my own proposal: Men must take an IQ test as the prerequisite for Viagra. Not only that. Their scores should be published in their hometown papers. They must also write an essay on why conservatives want the government off their backs while demanding that a woman submit to lying on her back. It would be interesting, don't you think?

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David Hess said...

How about an IQ test for candidates to state legislatures? Trouble is, what level must a candidate attain to run? If it's higher than 90, it could eliminate at least half the field.