Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The next step in Cuyahoga Falls Natatorium issue

The Cuyahoga Falls city administration's silly denial of family rates at the Natatorium to a same-sex married couple will be tested in City Council. Councilwoman Diana Colavcchio emailed the following response to question I had asked about the issue's future:

We [Democratic caucus] will be forming the ad hoc committee, without the
necessity of an ordinance. Next Monday, the committee will be announced,
along with a meeting schedule. I will chair it. I expect the meetings to
be held on Mondays, immediately after council, for convenience purposes.
The committee will analyze data and make a recommendation back to council.

(It's good to know that someone is paying attention in the Falls to common decency for everyone and not one segment of the public!...AZ)

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