Thursday, September 20, 2012

Universal questions of the millennium

I have questions:

  • As the Republican presidential campaigns shambles toward Election Day,  when will good soldier John Boehner crack and start sobbing on TV?

  • Who will convince  Mitt Romney that the  presidency is  not an  entitlement?

  • Who will respond to comedian Lewis Black's appeal for someone to make his bathroom as white as the GOP convention that he viewed?

  • When a Romney strategist asserted that Mitt would Etch-a-Sketch after the primaries, was he referring to the 2016 primaries?

  • Would it at least help the economy with job creation if  the government made silver  spoons for  the  47 pct. of Americans whom he says won't take responsibilitiy for themselves?

  • Would you join an office pool  to predict the day when Rep. Darrell Issa will say something intelligent?

  • Will Josh Mandel ,  the Republican candidate for the senate,  tell us whether he was really   stationed in the Green Zone in Iraq.

  • When will Paul Ryan stop referring to Romney as his "running mate"?
  • Why won't the media ask Paul Ryan about the time he saw the North Pole from his front porch?

  • Am I the only person who doesn't  think Comedian Dennis Miller is funny?

  • When will Rush Limbaugh refer to all women as sluts?

  • How many wives is Mitt Romney permitted to have? 

  • Finally, will Mitt add an elevator for his dancing horses to his palatial home?  

  • And finally again: Wouldn't Mitt's life be a lot less complicated if he let H&R  Block  do his taxes?    


1 comment:

JLM said...

You're not the only person. Dennis Miller is the definition of smarmy.