Monday, September 3, 2012

Romney-Ryan Comeback Team heading for Bush Country, not Sorrento

It seems only fitting that my fascination with  the businessman running for president that I should respond belatedly  to the Republican convention  that brought us the  Comeback Team of Mitt and Paul.  (Sorry, Rick and Newt, Michelle and Sarah - maybe next time.)

Did I say Comeback Team?    I did.  It was on everybody's mind for this star-crazed moment of redemption in Tampa for the future of America, if not necessarily its middle class.
It nagged me that I had heard of comebacks before, the Hollywood version.  Turning to the Web, I learned The Comebacks was a satirical  movie produced in 2007  that parodied the "cliches and plots of of the sports film genre."

Where else would you find a character named Jizminder Featherfoot?  C'mon.  Let's be fair about this.  He wasn't the fellow with the 10-gallon hat sitting in the third row of the Texas delegation.  And there was nobody in the cast playing Clint Eastwood or Cardinal Dolan.

One Web source did provide us with a few quotes from the film to give you some idea of its level of comedy. It liked the exchange between Michelle Fields and Lance Truman, two of the film's characters:
Michelle:  I was out catching some waves.
Lance: In the middle of Texas?
Michelle:  I told you I'm hard-core.
Or the one between Lambeau "Coach" Fields  and God:
Lambeau:  Yeah,this is great.  Middle of Podunk, nowhere. How am I gonna find an All-American quarterback?
God: If you build it he will come.  If you build it, he will come.
(God also told Lambeau his father was dead, and wouldn't be around to build it but Lambeau corrected Him that his father was very much alive.   But that's another story.)

Since the movie, like the convention, got only tepid reviews, I leaned toward calling the Comeback Team the Soggy Bottom Boys from the ornery film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?   Or Willard and the Golden Fleece (job).

But there I go again, off the page. So I  think I'll b e content with calling it the Comeback to Bush Team.

Close enough.


David Hess said...

Jizminder Featherfoot??? Ain't that the guy who's governor of Texas?

Grumpy Abe said...

Dae, I couldn't make that one up You may be confusing him with Praisegod Barebones.