Monday, September 17, 2012

Sutton-Pelosi vs. Renacci- Boehner?

Sooner or later it figures  that Nancy Pelosi would make it to the Ohio ballot.   That's what Republican congressman Jim Renacci wants to happen.  Not he's any great admirer of the Democratic minority leader.  Quite the contrary.  He wants you to believe that by voting for his Democratic opponent in the new 16th congressional district you will not be voting for Rep. Betty Sutton but for Pelosi

Or as Renacci's new $1.1 million GOP Super PAC ad puts it, Sutton doesn't work for Ohio; she works for Pelosi.

Pelosi's political enemies have been putting a hit on her ever since she rose to prominance in the House of Representatives.  I was never sure whether it was because she was a woman or a Californian. Years ago,  a  guy at a friend's patio party couldn't stop rattling on about "that witch" - my way of cleaning it up. Some white guys have a way about stating their case against women.

Renacci, of course, is a garden variety  conservative Republican who seldom disagrees with his boss, House Speaker John Boehner.  And as the ad snorts, Sutton supports Obamacare, while making the easily refuted claim that the President is robbing Medicare of $700 billion or something like that, to support Obamacare.

That's what you get for $1.1 million these days?   Please.  

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