Thursday, September 27, 2012

Note to Newt: Your coming-out party's over

One of the happier thoughts in the early celebratory moments at the end of the Republican presidential primaries was that we had  seen the last of Crazy Guggenheim,  i.e. Newt Gingrich.  He had repeatedly promised to put a permanent base on the moon - but, alas, not until his second term, airily  reveled in describing Barack Obama as the biggest food-stamp president in history and insisted  that all school janitors be fired and replaced by students to teach  them good work habits.

He tried to lure us with a devilish smile and imperious self-confidence. But when he was  mercilessly rejected by his own party in primary after primary, it was logical to assume that this pathetic figure had finally witnessed his  last hurrah. But wait...

The other night he was shown standing aside Todd Akin, the notorious Missouri congressman, to offer his worthless endorsement.  He was later  reported to have voluntarily  drawn up an unofficial playbook to show Mitt Romney how to win his debate with Obama!   Poor fellow is everywhere.    He's a man with the drive of  street vendor who shows up in the worst weather in hopes of one more sale.

He also promised to arrive in Tampa with enough delegates.  It didn't happen.

 Face it, Newt.  It's over. You don't even have the door prize of elder statesmanship.

NOTE:  Plunderbund has posted my column on voter suppressing Republican liars 

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JLM said...

I think Joe must have said "Yeah, he's in the back, I'll call him out. HEY CRAZE!"