Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kasich lauded by Mitt: Not a lie if he believes it?

 Romney spent a little time in Cincinnati on Saturday, but it was long enough to tell the biggest fib of his campaign.  Maybe still euphoric over his friendly reception in Tampa, Mitt told a crowd in the Union Terminal train station that  unlike President Obama,  Ohio Gov. John Kasich knows how to create jobs. He said:

"This is a great state, and you've got a great governor in John Kasich.  He's showing the president - if he'd only listen - how to create jobs."

You'll be hearing a lot of that from the Romney forces to Election Day and, if true, it could be quite effective. But quite the opposite is true.   You probably know by now that the biggest help in Ohio's economy came from  the auto industry bail-out that Romney and Kasich opposed.  Do you recall Mitt's remedy for the ailing industry:  Let Detroit  go bankrupt.

Romney is given to saying nutty things, like his solution to immigration:  Self-deportation.  Or his cowardly reponse to Rush Limbaugh's reference to Sandra Fluke as a slut.  "That's not the language I would have u ded," Mitt meekly demurred.

All over the state, beginning with the recovery of a stricken area like Youngstown, there is growth.  GM, an industrial giant targeted for bankruptcy by Romney, has already announced it will build the 2015 Chevrolet Cruze there. And what about the smaller companies in the chain  that will now be able to supply a healthier auto industry?

I once thought that Mitt and  his Wingman,  Paul Ryan, were making all of  this up to win an election.  But now I keep recalling George Costanza's profound words on Seinfeld:
"It's not a lie if you believe it."
Mitt believes it.  That should worry all of us more than his flagrant  lies.


KasichFan84 said...

Did anyone read George Will's column in the ABJ on Sunday? In the piece, he said that GM is once again losing market share and that its stock price is down to $21. It would have to rise to $53 in order for taxpayers to reclaim the total amount of the auto bailout. Clearly Government Motors is not doing as well as President Obama would like us to believe.

There is also an article on that rates as true John Kasich's claim that only 3% of the new jobs created during his term are directly related to the auto industry. Say what you what about the man, but he is definitely getting things done.

Anonymous said...

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Whenever I hear another gross distortion of fact from the GOP team, I recall that comment of Lord Acton, who bemoaned the proclivity of politicians to say or do anything to achieve or cling to power. Were that sage Briton alive today, he would probably say "I told you so," after listening to Mitt and Paul's prevarications in campaign ads and speeches about the state welfare waivers, the shift of funds in the Medicare program, and the timing of the shutdown of a GM plant in Ryan's hometown. Not to mention Mitt's "joke" in Michigan about his birth certificate there. Mitt's let-them-go-bankrupt remark about the GM bailout brought to mind Marie Antoinette's callous quip when dismissing her hungry countrymen's riot over bread shortages: "Let them eat cake."

da said...
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