Friday, September 28, 2012

The desperate hours continue to mount for GOP

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for Mitt Romney's  Comeback to Bush Team.  Aside from the poll numbers, there have been a lot of conservatives screaming at Mitt, churlishly  accusing him of running an incoherent  unbusinesslike campaign.  He might even have to call an ambulance to send a campaign lacking mental health insurance  to an emergency room.

The Republicans, for example, have found no way to shed the image of being Akinistas since the Missouri congressman   damn well stayed in his senate race despite pleas from apopleptic party members.  Heavens, it wasn't that long ago that Reince Priebus, the always befuddled GOP national chairman, adamantly rejected any thought of a party endorsement  of Todd Akin , telling a reporter:  "No,  no , no." But on second thought, Riebus now says that since the party couldn't persuade Akin to withdraw, it will endorse him as the gateway to a Republican takeover of the Senate.

And talk about panic!  With voters ignoring the GOP's labeling of Obama as a socialist-communist-unAmerican-alien-cheater, Romney surrogate John Sununu  told Sean Hannity that the president was "absolutely lazy and detached." (Lazy?  In this context, I'll let you decode that one.)  Sununu said it was Obama's fault that Chris Stevens, American ambassador to Llbya,  was killed because Barack didn't attend  CIA briefings.  On the other hand, Sununu credited an alert George W. Bush with taking a keen interest in the briefings to protect America's security.  As he did in the lead-up to 9/ll, right?

UPDATE:  Almost forgot. Mike Huckabee told his Fox News audience that President Obama should be impeached for "lying" about the Libyan attack.  So I ask you:  Is that any way for a former Baptist preacher to show Christian love and forgiveness to a fellow-man - even by a dead-ender like Huckabee?

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