Sunday, September 23, 2012

The widening fallout from Husted's "rising star"

We recently noticed in the Plain Dealer  a reference to Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted  as a "rising star".  If this sort of alias catches on, Husted may have created the next perilous level in his  reach  for the governor's title.  Or will it be an overreach?

As we all know by now,  Husted has been spending a lot of his time joining the fashionable Republican enterprise of shrinking  the state's voter base, defending himself in court suits and otherwise playing nice to the Tea Partiers around the state.  But does he really believe that the counteraction to policies that anger such a heated audience on the other side will disappear  if he ever tries to cash in on a higher office?

It's astonishing how any alleged "rising star"  can leave so many voters for dead by kneeling underneath   the right-wing flap of the GOP.  Shouldn't somebody remind this Tea Party supplicant that there are also are falling stars in the firmament?  Or maybe he will  have to find that out for himself.

NOTE: My column on the Sutton-Renacci race has been posted on Plunderbund.  

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