Friday, September 21, 2012

Gerson is looking at Mitt from our side

And now, the latest from former Bush chief speech writer and Wash Post columnist Michael Gerson:

"Yet a Republican ideology pitting the “makers” against the “takers”
offers nothing. No sympathy for our fellow citizens. No insight into
our social challenge. No hope of change. This approach involves a
relentless reductionism. Human worth is reduced to economic
production. Social problems are reduced to personal vices. Politics is
reduced to class warfare on behalf of the upper class. "

(When conservatives write things like that, I can take the day off!!)


Sandy Theis said...

That is powerful stuff

David Hess said...

agree that Gerson, a talented essayist, is also as alarmed as many others (even a few, like him, in the Republican camp) by the dehumanizing turn of the GOP to the callous right. The acid test, however, is to ask him who he's going to vote for.