Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Romney is 2 for 2 with loonies

Although Mitt Romney has been down a quart or two since the conventions, my unofficial poll  shows him to be strong among dogfight promoters and anti-Communist theorists. He assured himself of their unyielding support by offering his endorsements  to two widely suspected Republican loonies like Steve King and Allen West, a couple of congressmen who operate in another universe.

King, whose Iowa district may have more cows than people,  has long favored dogfighting and  has gone so far as to compare imimigrants to dogs.   He even latched on to the "legitimate rape" issue,   saying he was unaware that pregnancy from rape was that widespread. But that's old news on the right by now.

Never mind.  When  Mitt showed up to endorse King for another congressional term, he declared:  "I'm looking here at Steve King.  He needs to be your congressman again.  I want him as my partner in Washington."  King returned the favor by assuring his constitutents that Mitt was a true patriot with "love for Jesus Christ our savior".

Let us turn now to Florida Tea Party  congressman Allen West, who has declared that there are 80 or so Communists in Congress and recently asserted that "forward" - a word that appears in Obama's campaign slogan -  is an "old Soviet Union, Marxist-Socialist theme" (Aside to Allen: It also appears in Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin motto.) It didn't take  long for Lou Dobbs, of Fox News, to remind us that "forward has a a very long history with Marxists and  and socialists" .  Dobbs never has been that original  with his rightwing talking points.

Back to Romney, where today's post began: He happily appointed West as  the co-chairman of his campaign's new Black Leadership Council.

But you can't fault Mitt for trying to win at least one African-American vote, can you?  


JLM said...

After Mitten's blundering, idiotic, pandering statements after the Egypt/Libya attacks the loony factor increases.

David Hess said...

"Forward" is quite a handy word to describe such things as movement into the future, onward and upward! Unlike "backward" which suggests a reversion to the past. Or, perhaps pejoratively, a stunted way of thinking. As a veteran, I also associate it with "Forward, march!" -- a military phrase. If one obeys that order, should one be suspected of leftist sympathies?