Friday, September 14, 2012

Is the silent majority really alive and well?

  Republican operative Mark Weaver, Mitt Romney's lawyer in Ohio, joined the few wagon-circlers that formed in the debris of the candidate's attack on President Obama over the violence in Libya and Egypt with a spin that I haven't  heard in political talk for years.   At an Akron Press Club luncheon, he said Mitt was merely saying what the "silent majority believes."

There it is. Silent majority - the term that fell from Richard Nixon's lips back in the darkest of ages.

After the session,  I asked Weaver to clarify his  response to Romney's widely criticized intrusion into foreign policy at the height of an international  crises.

I should have known better. He shrugged off the critics as representing the "liberal media" That's a dog-eared-term kept alive by the Mark Weavers of the world when no other useful explanation serves their side.

So I mention, um, Peggy Noonan , the Wall Street Journal columnist and  once the speechwriter for Ronald Reagan who accused Romney of "not doing himself any  favors" with his bluster.

He dismissed her, too.  "Peggy Noonan is part of the Republican establishment," he sniffed.

Sorry, Mark.  We miss so  much living way out here in ihe Akron area.



KasichFan84 said...

Embassies are being stormed, ambassadors are being killed, our entire Middle East policy is coming apart at the seams........and the press is hyperventilating over a harmless statement made by Mitt Romney!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Give me a break. The media should be ashamed of the way they are carrying water for the Obama adminstration. It is shameless.

Mencken said...

Dear !?!?!?!?!?!?:

Based on your deft use of punctuation marks, I think its fair to say that the only one hyperventilating here is you.

Yes,embassies are being stormed and ambassadors are being killed (you forgot to mention the Marines ).

Now why is that ?

Well because some right wing Christian Group called Media for Christ made a ridiculous movie insulting Muslims. (I'll assume they're not part of the liberal media). The consultant on the film, and I use that term loosely, was Steve Klein, founder of Courageous Christians United.
CCU has since fired Steve which certainly was "courageous"

So who's the one carrying the water here (and the Kool Aid) ?

Once again EgregiousFan84, you pop up every month or so, add nothing to the conversation, and then disappear. Should I assume that during the 29-30 days you're not here, that you agree that Grumpy is correct in his observations?

Grumpy Abe said...

KasichFan, why do you keep Etch-a=sketching your aliases? I assume you are HustedFan, too. And maybe DewineFan and DeMintFan.

David Hess said...

I may be out of touch, but isn't Mitt Romney a stalwart of the Republican Establishment?