Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elegant language eludes Romney


                Mitt Romney said his words about  the 47 per centers were not stated elegantly
                                                                        * * *

Until now, we had usually assigned elegance to the words of Shakespeare or Robert Browning.  But  here comes Romney with his 47-47  paint-by-the-numbers  remarks to a thick-walleted group of donors  that assume one can speak elegantly while dissing  nearly half of  Americans as  lazy, whining, tax-free slobs. As one who has accused  President Obama of  "divisiveness,"  Mitt has now said, in his own goal-tending   words: "The president has his group and I have mine."

Mitt would have us believe that his  views on this drag on hardworking taxpayers (his 47 pct .plus the Big One at the top)  were a little muddled because he was speaking "off the cuff".

"I'm sure," he retreated, "I could have stated it with more clarity."

But I'm sure that not until the video blew a big hole in his campaign did he think his message to his high rollers was anything less than clear.

There have been strong hints about where the Romney campaign has been headed in nailing The Others in his great divide.   Rick Santorum, once a Romney opponent and now a surrogate, has recently declared that  the "elite and smart" people would never vote for his side.  Probably true about smart people, although I know little about the elitists. And it's now inelegantly clear that Mitt knows nothing about the 47 pct. who are The Others.


Mark said...

It seemed pretty clear to me, Mitt.

Jerry Austin said...

Calling Romney stupid is a compliment

It's the economy imbecile
It's the economy moron

David Hess said...

If my memory serves me correctly (it's fact-checkable), rarely does a partisan politician running for office let the facts stand in the way of a good slogan -- or what he chooses to believe will cadge a vote.