Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where does she go from here?

AS HER popularity numbers sink - but not as much as her muddled answers to simple questions and McCain's desperate defense of her - Sarah Palin is getting more advice from conservative pundits to either clean up her act or get out of the race.  Conservative Andrew Sullivan accused Palin of being a "liar"  who "cannot be taken on trust."  Sullivan didn't flat-out write that she should end her role as the life of the party.  He was simply downright nasty.  Still, I don't think calling her a liar many times over is strong enough to force her off the ticket at this late date.  That would suggest - can we say it?  - accepting  defeat without honor, in the oft-spoken words of the GOP nominee about another troubling  matter. Here's the problem: Who is available to step in as McCain's designated hitter?  The prettiest of the bunch, of course, is Mitt Romney.  But my problem with him is that he always seems to be posing for an altarpiece.    


Ben said...

No one is leaving the ticket. She will do fine tonight.

"Conservative Andrew Sullivan accused Palin of being a "liar" who "cannot be taken on trust."

Saying he is a conservative is dishonest at best. At best. You know that.

chien lunatique said...

Sullivan no longer calls himself a conservative. He prefers Tory. He is not dishonest or wrong in his assessment of the Gov. Intellectual dishonesty has reached epic proportion in the GOP as seen in this feeble defense of the indefensible.