Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Score another for stagecraft!

SO, ANOTHER alleged "debate" that again was so tightly wound, shrink-wrapped and orchestrated that both candidates could have mailed in their comments without losing face.  How in the world can anybody reduce the seemingly immovable problems we all face in an unfriendly world to a two-minute answer and a one minute response like they are rings round the bathtub?   You can't.  So we were forced to settle for a carefully rehearsed beauty contest.  Frankly, I don't see the point of audience participation other than to allow each questioner  play a cameo role in what is, after all, political theatre.  It is a pretentious way to suggest that democracy is alive and well in America.   These cautious events seldom live up to the expectations of the pundits and TV talkers anyway. And, by the way, Tom Brokaw's metallic utterances as the moderator did little to heighten the viewer's interest.  I think we should all vote tomorrow and get it over with.  


pjjinoregon said...

The tired phrase "my friends" grated on me until I realized that it allowed McCain to be condescending to a roomful of people rather than just to Obama as in debate #1. These warrior types really like cluster bombs - get a roomful instead of a singleton.

Anonymous said...


Mencken said...

Once again McCain dips below stall speed.