Tuesday, October 21, 2008


WATCHING A replay of Rush Limbaugh's explosive rants against Colin Powell I had to remind myself that he has made millions with the behavior of a harpooned walrus.  So I ask:

If Limbuagh fell from from a tree in the woods and there was nobody around to hear it, would there still be a sound?

If there are any audio engineers in the crowd, let me know.  Thanks.


Anonymous said...

As the poker players say "I am all in"
And so is the General Colin,
In these last days the push
Is to employ attack dog Rush,
It's a trap I hope we won't fall in.

All I Saw, Wasilla
Palindrome of the VP "killa"
Unprepared is she
to be the VP
Flee, Flee From this hate instilla

I love my country tis true
I adore the Red, White and Blue
According to Palin
My Patriotism is failin
In a big city's where I grew.

New Yorker's have died in IRAQ
look it up it's a fact
But Palin suggests
Small town heroes are best
She must be smoking crack.

Jack Conway

Grumpy Abe said...

Whatsamatter? Can't rhyme Limbaughminable?

Coshocton Ex-Pat said...

I've always felt that, had Colin Powell delivered his resignation to the President over the ridiculous gin-up to the Iraq war, Congress would have a) collectively wet its pants, then b) commandeered every hearing room for simultaneous, 24/7 investigations into why this was all happening in the first place.

I held that against Mr. Powell (still do), but was struck by the direct - and dare I say it - heartfelt reasons for his Obama endorsement, and I feel that he's making progress toward atonement.

As for Mr. Limbaugh, I amuse myself by imagining what horrific, gleefully ironic end the Guy Upstairs has in store for him. It's gotta be something good. . . but what?

PJJinOregon said...

With Colin Powell's defection to the Dems, I figure that the average IQ of both parties will drop slightly with the GOP taking the bigger hit. Lieberman's switch will definitely raise the average IQ of both parties, so maybe the trade is a wash.

As for the engineering question - there would be the sound of derisive applause.

Ben said...

Yeah, considering he has the highest rated radio show, I think a lot of people would notice.

Grumpy Abe said...

Many people obviously want to be entertained by harpooned walruses who think nothing about poking fun at people with Parkinson's disease and draft-dodgers who bellow at high ranking Vietnam generals. Which category fits you, Ben, whoever you are?

Mencken said...

Uh Ben, Danielle Steele outsells Shakespeare, but that is no indication of content or quality. If Limbaugh's mic ever goes dead, I suggest chewing a lot of gum to help equalize the sudden decrease of pressure in your brain.

As I've said before, Limbaugh is a joke and you're the punch line.