Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loopy Michele

MICHELE BACHMANN, an intense Christian conservative, knows things.  She knows that Barack Obama is anti-American.  She knows that if he is elected  we will have "tax increases, socialized medicine and climate change taxes."   She knows that kids who go to charter schools will get a better education than those who go to public schools.   She knows that if the American media thoroughly investigates congress it will doubtless find other duly elected anti-Americans in the House and Senate. She knows that as a pro-life activist who has picketed abortion agencies  she will contribute to overturning  Roe vs. Wade.

Michelle Bachmann is not a garden-variety activist.   She is a first-term Republican congresswoman from a district on the edge of Minneapolis-St. Paul.  I watched her rant on the  Chris Matthews show.  You get the idea that only Christian conservatives are  patriots.  In one way or another, such vacuous logic is being pedaled every day by the McCain campaign.  It's 
McCarthyism at best.  Worse,  it has the seeds of fascism.  Earlier today, I saw an image on TV that should worry all of us.  A guy in southwest Ohio hung an Obama effigy in his front yard.  Not content to be a one on one racist, there was a Star of David  drawn on the head.  The guy told a TV reporter that we must remain a white Christian nation. 
 Meantime, McCain was blind-sided in one of his regular visits to Fox Television today when Chris Wallace asked him if he approved the content of his campaign's  robocalls  inasmuch as he was destroyed by such tactics that  the Bush campaign used against him in 2000. McCain soberly responded that the ones used by his campaign this time were, eh..."legitimate"..."truthful"... "accurate." But he didn't seem all  that happy the question came up.  

That brings me up to date on the current state of this wearying campaign.  


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