Monday, October 6, 2008

A soul-less John McCain?

The tenor of the McCain-Palin campaign is becoming more chilling by the hour.  Both want you to believe that Barack Obama  is, at best,  a fellow-traveling terrorist - the unholy word that George Bush played so inelegantly in leading us into a dismal five-year war.  Today, when McCain questioned the true identity of Obama to a partisan audience, someone shouted: "Terrorist."   That's dangerous stuff.  Instead of lowering the temperature of his shouter, McCain drew a blank expression and moved on,  obviously pleased that he had a like-minded audience.    It recalled a moment during the primaries when  a woman  asked him how best to dispose of  Hillary Clinton, whom she called a bitch. McCain smiled.  Fun-eee.  He made no attempt to scold her.   Is he serious about getting to the White House by courting the worst in uncivilized behavior?  

OK.  Since the GOP ticket has dragooned the the Biblically-pure family values guide for its personal use in the campaign, may I humbly add a Biblical passage that is becoming more appropriate in these horribly dissembling final weeks: "What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?"   It's happening, folks.   


pjjinoregon said...

McCain's use of character assassination as a campaign tactic seems not just distasteful but outright problematic. The character card is the same game played by Dubya in 2004. The Swift Boat Captains for Truth really irritated Democrats and independents like me. In 2006, the irritation led to a Democratic congress for Dubya to spar with for the next two years. Can't McCain see the lesson? If McCain's emphasis on character issues brings him to the White House next January, he will face a Congress controlled by enough irritated Democrats to overrule any veto McCain feels strong enough to deploy.

Here is a fool proof recipe for government disaster - one part foolhardy and maverick Republican president, two parts Democratic Congress steaming angry because their candidate was smeared into defeat, one large financial crisis that defies even wooden daggers (and arrows) aimed its heart, one part android in the wings waiting for McCain to choke on a pretzel, all stirred vigorously by a divisive campaign and then poured into a pie plate that's no longer expanding. The historians will love a McCain presidency.

Will he?

Grumpy Abe said...

OK, quit beating around the bush What do you REALLY think? Also, can you at least see the Pacific Ocean from your front porch?