Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin's window dressing

THE LATEST dollop of yeast to be injected into the public's rising disaffection with Sarah Palin is the news that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 on her and her family for the sort of wardrobe enhancement that would not be stylish for moose-hunting. Most of her clothes were purchased at Sak's Fifth Avenue and Nieman Marcus, the sort of tony emporia that you wouldn't expect to find  sharing a shopping strip with Sam's Club.   Although the honorable intent  of the shopping spree was to spruce up Sarah's image  (along with daringly letting her hair fall  fetchingly as a pro-American woman)  it's doubtful it will do much for her other image down in Smalltown, USA, where people are only interested in bargains at 75 pct. off. .   Even though some Republican contributors are showing signs of dismay by such profligacy,  Pish-posh, responds the RNC.  So let's hear what Tracey Schmidt, the RNC's spokesperson has to say:

          "With all of the important issues facing the country right now it's remarkable that we're                talking about pantsuits and blouses." 

Besides, Schmidt reminds us, the clothes will go to "charitable purposes" after the election. Palin, after all, knows a lot about charity inasmuch she was charging the state of Alaska per diem for the days she stayed at home from the governor's office. 

Youbetcha she does.    


Anonymous said...

Fargo says:

Overheard from a friend today....If Sarah Palin's 150k wardrobe existed as a living person it would receive a tax cut under the Obama plan.

Ben said...

Obama's "victory night" party costs his city 2 mil.

I guess it evens out

chien lunatique said...

The suggestion that a "victory party" for a city is somehow "evens out" the criticism regarding the Palin shopping extravaganza is as idiotic as the claim that the only reason Powell endorsed Obama is because he's black. Who will rid us of these wingnuts?

Ben said...

Not really. The city picks up the tab. That means taxpayers.

I could have mentioned the massive spending on the stage for the DNC convention, but that would jsut be shot down here probably too.