Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Enough slander is enough

ONE OF the less profound observations to seep virtually unnoticed from the McCain-Palin campaign was Cindy McCain's dyspeptic complaint that Barack Obama was waging  the "dirtiest campaign in America's history."  Obviously Cindy has not  been paying that much attention to her husband's joyless visits to Mudville.  But no matter.  We'll let her mindless remark pass as  a slip of the brain that was DOA.  What does matter are the incendiary hoots at the McCain-Palin rallies that should not be repeated to children.  THAT ONE, to whom McCain referred at the debate - the one with a middle name of, eh... Hussein - is incurring such slander from the mob (and a new McCain ad)  as "dangerous" and "dishonorable."  The rallies are also  producing such assaults as  "kill him" and "treason".  It's the sort of ugly audience participation that I heard some 30  years ago when I slipped into a KKK rally near New Philadelphia as epithets exploded  from the robed ones on the back of  a flatbed truck.   McCain and Palin can do themselves  and the nation a great deed by pausing during their remarks, staring at the vicinity of the shouter, and declaring: " Sorry, but I don't want a vote from your kind." After all, McCain has said more than once that he would conduct a "respectful" campaign.   

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Anonymous said...

Cain/Palin appearances are becoming KKK rallies and they are on the verge of whipping up such hatred in this country that some nut is going to go out and do real harm. I fear for Obama and anyone who is on the stage with hin, It brings back memories of the crazed Israel -- fed such vicious rhetoric -- who assassinated Prime Minister Rabin.