Thursday, October 9, 2008

Unemployment, Perino-style

DANA PERINO, the White House's forever overwhelmed press secretary who will be out of work in January, offered for economics textbooks the following insight into  why the Bush administration opposes an extension of unemployment benefits.   Responding to a press conference question, Perino Merino explained: "We want people to be able to return to work as soon as possible...I hope that everybody who wants to find a job can find a job."   And if they can't?  Dana's hopes won't make it so.  

Meantime, greeting me this morning on the front page of the Plain Dealer   was a big photo of Brady Quinn speaking in behalf of McCain-Palin in Cleveland.  Bench-warmer Brady, as you may be aware, has been figuratively out of work for more than a year since he signed a stratospheric contract with the Browns.  It figures that he would have a better opportunity to protect the cash under McCain's non-tax increase policies for the wealthy.   He has a lot of company among some other cash-rich athletes (with the exception of the cash-richest of them all on the lake,  Cleveland icon and Obama supporter LeBron James).  

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