Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bailout sing-along

I AM ALWAYS pleasantly surprised to discover a pearl among the heap of dreary emails hustling weight-loss programs (as seen on Oprah) skin-care and other non-essentials for a man of my age.  It was sent by a creative guitar-playing  relative in California who shares my views on this year's presidential campaign.  He wrote this verse in another moment of cynical despair, but it can be sung brightly to the tune of Sidewalks of New York.  

Wall street, main street

All around the town

The fed cut interest rates daily

The economy's falling down

Banks and Lehman's together

Me and my 401k

Trip the light fantastic

While John will cut taxes today.

The economy is on everybody's mind these days with the possible exception of the McCain campaign, which says its wants to change the subject.  Oh? 

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