Friday, October 3, 2008

She qualified for the role!

Some debate, huh?  What  restraint Joe Biden must have called upon to remain a perfect gentleman against an opponent who appeared to be auditioning for a high school class play! Sarah Palin would have won the role easily.   She repeated her lines perfectly as they skidded from one Republican talking point to another.  As scripted for her, she went after Obama/Biden like the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:  Win the war without surrender...cut taxes for Joe Sixpack ... reform the government (without mentioning  George Bush's central role in the meltdown)... deliver all of us from evil.  Tax-cutting has been a GOP staple  in the GOP playbook as far back as I can remember.  And guess what?  Read-my-lips Bush  (the present incumbent's father) campaigned fiercely against taxes and then went on to support new taxes.  Of course he did. So have others. 

Paul Krugman pointed out that Palin's closing testament to freedom was lifted from Ronald Reagan's appeal to the the wives of physicians in the early 1960s (not yet president) to resist, um...  socialistic Medicare.  Is that what she really wants to tell Joe Sixpack?

She also told Fox News (where else?) that she was annoyed by some of Katie Couric's questions and that she wants to talk to Americans "without the filter."  Bush, the current one, used to refer to filters, too.  He preferred to read the unfiltered morning briefings from his staff rather than  newspapers.  My hunch is that he was peeking at other printed words, too, but it's always comforting  to attack the left-wing media,  which is largely owned by Republican businessmen.

I've been thinking about filters and decided there is no higher calling than to filter the filters, the latter being those politicians and others who command public attention.  So journalistic filters must figure out how to discard the nonsense and find the stuff that is often purposely left out by the newsmakers.   That may be confusing, I know,  but I can live with it.       


PJJinOregon said...

Making no claim to originality here, the bar was set soooo low for Palin that even a mediocre performance would make her look like a winner. She managed to find the play button on the Pavlovian tape enough times to repeat the conditioned response convincingly. Her handlers deserve a pat on the back; those who formulated the rules of the debate should be introduced to the Marquess of Queensbury.

Grumpy Abe said...

If you stand on your front porch in Oregon can you see Alaska?

PJJinoregon said...

Well it's fur sure that we can see Alaska from Oregon. Why, nearly every day one of them Alaska Air
jets flies over our lovely state ferrying oil rich Alaskans to fun places like southern California
and Mexico. Doggone, that Alaska is sure enough a land of opportunity.

Ya see, they got this lady governor up there. She's a real pistol - runnin' the gunslingers outa
the state while still protecting their 2nd amendment rights, sayin' no the Washington about a bridge
that Washington had done killed already, and firin' state officials that just plain make her mad.

She's become on of them there icons. She's changin' the way us west coast folks talk and think.
Ain't that somethin'?