Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A hit man for breakfast!

AS I WAS reaching for my morning Plain Dealer to enjoy the latest rerun of "Peanuts",  a thin 5x7" packet  fell from it to my breakfast table.  It was a packaged DVD titled HYPE the Obama Effect. Oh, oh.  Midnight in America,  from the same torpedoes  who have earned a longstanding reputation  for political smear-bombs.  I'd rather ignore this sort of wingnut crap, but when it is transported inside the PD's pages to thousands of readers,  ya gotta at least offer an alert about the crowd that is behind the so-called documentary.

The first hint comes from a  sound bite (which you can find on your computer) featuring Ken Blackwell.  You all remember how he led the Ohio Republican Party down to sorry defeat as a gubernatorial candidate in 2006.  To quote  Blackwell's assault  on Obama:  "It's only when you begin to peel back layers that you begin to see a disturbing pattern."   At this point I had to wonder how smart the movie's producers were to include a fast-talking loser in its pantheon and then have it circulated so widely in a state that has already passed judgment on his pathetic credentials. 

But the of real villain is David Bossie,  the head of Citizens' United, the rightwing group that has had a lot of foul things to say about past Democratic candidates.   Bossie is the same fellow who was behind the film Hillary: The Movie.  It didn't  quite fulfill his designs as a diatribe against Hillary because she didn' get the nomination.    You should also know that Bossie had a role in the awful Willie Horton commercial that helped sink Michael Dukakis in 1988.  Oh, and he was fired as an investigator for the U.S. House Government and Oversight Committee for leaking information that he edited to damage Hillary. He has also asserted that Chinese espionage is "a most serious scandal" in the highest levels of the government.  

Apart from all of this, no one has accused Bossie of littering expressways with his trash. 

And now, back to "Peanuts".      

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