Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mc Cain's madding crowd

I AM embarrassed. For my country. For the Republican Party (which doesn't deserve my concern).  For John McCain.  Here is a man who entered his presidential campaign fully deserving the honor of a war hero.  Here is a man who is now so desperate and befuddled that  he is literally standing around on street corners trying to hustle a vote.  In a pathetic performance in Wisconsin, he heard the rant of a guy who went on and on about how Barack Obama & Co. were "hooligans"  as the audience became hysterical, chanting and shouting threats and unpleasantries.    The ranter described the other party as socialists and demanded satisfaction in the manner that the Birch Society once demanded total satisfaction in putting down communists as well those it falsely accused of being reds.   When it was finally his turn to speak after the tirade, McCain said the "gentleman is right." Gentleman, John? Shame on you! What haven't you yet learned about the onset of fascism? On the assault on "the enemy"  with racial slurs,  shouts of "treason" and "kill him"?  

Each day, each moment, the McCain-Palin ticket turns uglier in whipping up mob scenes as the nation gropes for a solution to our economic Pearl Harbor.  And Palin is obviously enjoying the ride as McCain's radioactive partner.  Obama is daring his opponent to look him in the eye and repeat the slander that has become a severe  behavioral problem for the Republican senator in the final weeks of the campaign. .   McCain has spent whatever honor he brought into the race. I suspect historians will write memorable paragraphs about it. 



Paula said...

Right on, Abe. It is shocking and distressing to see how low McCain has sunk.

PJJinOregon said...

Thanks for speaking out, Abe. McCain has abandoned his maverick masquerade in favor of a Joe McCarthy impersonation. I trust that the voting public can and will recognize the rabble rousing rhetoric.