Monday, July 1, 2013

Gonidakis wins the non-sequitur award for the Great Budget of 2013

The murky logic that attended  the governor's signing of the Great Budget of 2013 in Columbus Sunday night made it  somewhat of a challenge to isolate the best non-sequitur for posterity.  But we finally settled on this one from Ohio Right to Life's leader, Michael Gonidakis:
"It took great compassion and courage for our governor and pro-life  legislature to stand up to the abortion  industry that blatantly pressured them."
C'mon, Mike.   I would blatantly remind you that as a buddy of the governor who appointed you to the Ohio Medical Board,  you've been quoted  in  everything but the Major League box scores on your  aggressive support of the Draconian anti-abortion language  in the budget, even to the point of scary tactics about the cancerous illnesses  -not medically supported - that accompany abortion. Now that you've prevailed, don't you think it would be a greater act of compassion and courage for you  to recant  your self-serving  apocalyptic vision?

P.S. Your quote did manage to wind up on the Huffington Post, which cast more shame on Ohio at the national level by describing the approved anti-abortion  amendment in Ohio  as "among the most restrictive in the country."


Mencken said...

If Gonidakis and his minions were sincere about wanting to limit the number of abortions performed each year in Ohio, they could accomplish at least part their goal by passing out condoms and birth control information on every street corner. But in the Bizzarro World that is the Right to Life movement, that simply makes too much sense. That would require some effort. Trying to dissemble Planned Parenthood to achieve their goals, in reality undermines RTL's efforts. Nope, it's much easier for Gonidakis to issue meaningless dogma in front of the press. What a colossal display of naïveté
on his part. And that's the good news.

Grumpy Abe said...

These guys are always trying to steal home from first base...