Thursday, July 25, 2013

House Republicans programmed as the Army of the Potomac.

Have you heard about the latest Republican plan to warn grieving Americans and happy morticians that their government is dead?  Some observers are calling it a "Hate Washington" campaign when the well-fed Army of the Potomac, notably House GOP members,  come home during the August recess for a bleak assessment of the gridlock that they are largely responsible for creating in the first place. It's all contained in a House Republican Conference planning kit,  that, if you're still with me, is  loaded with Death Valley talking points.

A more accurate title is a "Hate, Obama" campaign ", a churlish commitment by that president's  enemies that was  reported on the first day he entered office in 2009. Look it up.

The army has been armed not with muskets but a long list of jeremiads as it  fans out across the nation in a sort of tea-formation offensive  to alert unsuspecting citizens that the worst is yet to come.  They are even aiming at drive-time  declarations on how to cut waste or as it has been called,  "An Obamacare Media Tour." By now we already know about the GOP's obsession with vaporizing Obamacare, don't we?  That particular chapter of Obama's sinful behavior has long dwelled on  how these lavishly-insured congressmen are driven to rid America of health-care  coverage for those who can't afford it.

Their tactics  deserve little more than the words in a New Yorker movie review of  "Pacific Rim", which largely deals with monsters.  The unimpressed critic, Anthony Lane, wrote:
"So what if the script is feeble, the plot is perforated, and the characters are so flimsy that you wouldn't risk blowing your nose on them."
Frankly, there won't be a new thought advanced that hasn't been around for the entire  Obama era.  But it will be an opportunity for each member of the traveling circus to boast in a later essay about  "What I did last summer."

You'd think that with a Congress wallowing with a desperate majority of Republican  lunatics in the House, we would all feel a lot safer if the sheriff met them at the district line.  Otherwise, their time could be better spent walking their dogs, lovable  creatures that have a way of brightening one's outlook.

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